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101 years

101 years <br>Genkinger

The history of Genkinger goes hand in hand with the development of industrial trucks - from the simple hand truck at the beginning of the 20th century to automated guided vehicles (AGVs) today. Over the past 101 years, Genkinger has given intralogistics the decisive push with numerous innovations. As a specialist for heavy and bulky goods, the name Genkinger is a household name in the industry. Our wealth of experience and passion for individual industrial trucks have always guided us - yesterday, today and in the future.

101 years <br>Genkinger


With hand carts, once intended as a work aid for women in industry, ergonomics and increased efficiency in internal logistics take their start.

The first impetus for the development of lift trucks is said to have originally come from North America. Hand trucks with lifting mechanisms were followed by lift trucks on wheels.


Hermann Genkinger establishes a repair workshop in Münsingen and begins manufacturing pumps and car jacks in parallel.



Birth year of the lift truck. The patent for the first lift truck with a hydraulic system goes to the German company Oscar Krieger GmbH. After more than 90 years, the principle lift truck still consists of two forks plus the front load wheels and steering wheels.

Genkinger has played a major role in the further development of the following lift truck generations and specifications in Germany. Especially when it comes to moving heavy and bulky items easily.


After World War 2, his son Lothar Genkinger restarts production and manufactures jacks as well as lifts for motorcycles.



The economic miracle makes inventive. For example, in order to further increase production in the factory halls, more and more material has to be transported and loaded in less and less space.


Lothar Genkinger develops the first warp beam lift truck. Via the textile industry, the Genkinger company enters the field of conveying and lifting technology.

More world firsts and patents "by Genkinger" follow for transport in weaving mills, knitting mills and spinning mills around the world.



With the invention of container transport by Malcolm McLean in the USA, world trade reaches a new dimension. The loading of standardized containers, along with all their contents, from truck or rail to ship and back onto a truck saves time and labor.


Genkinger recognizes the technical and economic potential and begins manufacturing pallet lifting equipment for industry in the Swabian Alb region - at exactly the right time. Because the greatly increased volume of materials and goods also has to be moved through warehouses and production halls.

Storage technology remains an important mainstay for Genkinger today.


Early 1960s

Introduction of the Euro pallet (EN 13698-1) and construction of the first high-bay warehouses in Germany.

It is exactly eleven boards that revolutionize the logistics world. The Europallet and the forklift truck henceforth become the perfect team.


After the death of Lothar Genkinger, the son-in-law Dieter Schulze and the daughter Irmgard Bütterlin-Genkinger jointly take over the management of the company.



Presentation of thefirst fully automatic fabric beam changer and semi-automatic vehicle for rapid article change on a weaving machine at the International Textile Machinery Fair in Hannover



Expansion of the program to include add-on masts and vehicles for manufacturers of automated guided vehicles (AGVs)


Early 2000s

For the rapid development and new complexity in logistics, a new language is needed: supply chain, lean logistics. "Intralogistics" is becoming a discipline of its own within logistics.

Neither does the name Genkinger stand alone ...


HUBTEX gets in on the act in a big way, so over the next decade Genkinger-HUBTEX GmbH makes a name for itself in warehouse technology and also in textile technology.



With the new managing director Richard Ludwig, Genkinger is once again going its own way - with success. Because for the Swabian tinkerers at Genkinger, standard is never enough. They always continue where standards reach their limits.



  • blechnet Award 2015 for the coil transporter in the category handling technology/robotics

  • Further sales location: Genkinger Inc./USA



New product launches at LogiMAT in Stuttgart and CeMAT in Hanover:

  • Electric multi-directional sideloaders
  • Electric heavy-duty reach truck
  • Electric walking fork lift truck


Special Solutions by Genkinger:

  • EFY
  • EE-KHH R5
  • Spinning can transporter
  • ESY-S

blechnet Award 2017 for the Special Heavy Duty Reach Truck in the Handling Technology/Robotics category



Since the acquisition of bAKA Handling Solutions GmbH, two long-established companies have been jointly shaping the future of industrial trucks in production and warehouse logistics. Since the end of 2021 also under one roof.



Flight trucks have become increasingly resilient, ergonomic and safe. Now, thanks to sensors and lasers, among other things, and the corresponding IT, they are becoming more self-sufficient and thus even safer and more efficient.

Genkinger offers logistics solutions as AGV/FTS. Also retroactively.



100 years ago Hermann Genkinger started manufacturing jacks. Today, industrial trucks by Genkinger transport gigantic loads through production halls and warehouses all over the world every day.

The development of Genkinger and thus of intralogistics continues ...

In the anniversary year 2022, the acquisition of VMH-Material Handling will follow. Under the umbrella brand GENKINGER, Genkinger-baka for warehouse technology and vmh for pallet trucks will remain visible.