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In order to make effective use of the available storage space, storage and shelving systems using the circulating method are the ideal solution. Warp beams, docks, warp beams and goods beams are heavy rolling loads that pose special challenges for material handling and occupational safety.

Paternosters or recirculating storage enable multi-lane storage in height and width. Thanks to the circulation method, the stored goods are quickly transported to the correct working height and then quickly removed by low-lift truck.

Genkinger manufactures dynamic storage systems to customer specifications. The design depends on the storage capacity as well as the number and dimensions of your goods to be stored.

  • Loading and unloading from the front and rear
  • Increased occupational safety
  • Also over several floors with several operating points

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weaving and knitting

Special lifting and transport vehicles are needed for inserting, changing and storing warp beams. This is because roll-shaped heavy loads such as warp beams require particularly safe handling.

Genkinger has been the specialist for lifting and transport vehicles for warp beams for many decades. We are in close exchange with leading textile machinery manufacturers to equip small and large textile companies around the world with innovative transport and material handling systems for warp beams.

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  • Transport and insertion of upper and lower warp beams
  • Warp beam change with harness
  • For full warp beams, half warp beams, warp beams and canisters
  • High lift truck, low lift truck, transport truck

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