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From Münsingen to the whole world:

From mechanical engineering for mechanical engineering

From mechanical engineering for mechanical engineering

Tool changes, heavy-duty transport or component assembly are just a few examples of the high demands placed on the manipulation of loads in machine construction.

As Swabian tinkerers, we have a lot in common with mechanical and plant engineering: the more complex the task, the more our experience and expertise are in demand. Genkinger designs and manufactures special industrial trucks that move demanding loads in mechanical engineering worldwide.

  • Specific uptake and delivery systems
  • Automated vehicles for almost any application
  • Heavy load transports up to 80,000 kg
  • Optimizations during ongoing operations or in the planning phase of a new plant
From mechanical engineering for mechanical engineering

More mobile assembly:

Pivot point
for assemblies

If the further assembly of assemblies or vehicles and machines is to be kept as flexible as possible, new transport solutions are needed within manufacturing as an alternative to rails and belts. As the size, weight and bulkiness of assemblies increase, so do the demands on transport. The pivotal point is also the device for safe pickup as well as precise feeding of the assemblies. 

Genkinger designs industrial trucks with a high level of vertical integration. This enables specific configuration, even for different transport tasks with a single vehicle.

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  • Simple and safe operation via radio remote control and safety interrogations
  • Flexible (rotary) fixtures with different adapters or vacuum grippers
  • Optimized for small batch assembly, vehicle manufacturing and mechanical engineering

We have a recipe for that:

Handling with
charging goods

The challenges in handling charged goods lie in many cases not so much in the particular charge material itself, but rather in the type of intended introduction as well as the batch size and complexity of the "recipe".

The specific design of, for example, your vessels, chambers, reactors, tanks, autoclaves or furnaces requires an equally high degree of specialization in the loading system. Genkinger develops a transport solution for charging goods that is tailored to your plant.

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  • Safe transport and plant-specific insertion
  • High lift truck for charging goods

For all cases:

The abbreviation
for long goods

Whether for window construction or the construction of wind turbines - in both cases, long material has to be moved. With great safety and in the smallest possible area. With special driving skills and usually under time pressure. In the best case, the long goods are picked up from the side, transported and unloaded. In any case, it needs an industrial truck that meets all the requirements for user-friendliness, chassis and load securing.

Do you need a robust standard all-rounder for your long goods? Or the configured special solution for intralogistic special transports? - Genkinger manufactures transport solutions even for loads that are very long and also heavy and bulky.

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  • Four-way and multi-way trolley with mast feed
  • Prismatic forks, pipe grabs, manipulators, troughs

Move pallets wisely

When the standard
comes up against limits

Pallets and especially the Euro pallets make the transfer and storage of goods easy, since they have the advantage, among other things, that they can be picked up with pallet trucks or forklifts from all four sides. The challenges are also not in the standard situations when manipulating pallets.

Special pallets, heavy loads or top-heavy pallets, slopes during loading and unloading, storing pallets lengthwise are just a few examples of situations in which lift trucks and stackers can reach their limits in the standard version. It is precisely for these cases that Genkinger offers transport solutions for pallets in various configurations.

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  • Euro pallets, one-way pallets, special pallets
  • Store and retrieve pallets, transport, hand over

Standards are the way to go

Move at the first go

Rectangular loads such as small load carriers (KLT) or skeleton containers are standardized systems. The fact that they can be stacked on top of each other and/or grouped together next to each other (e.g. on Euro pallets) means that a larger number of the rectangular loads can be transported at the drop of a hat as well as stored in a space-saving manner.

In principle, picking up by forklift or pallet truck is simple. Smaller units are picked up on pallets. Larger boxes, bins or containers have feet that can be driven under from all four sides. 

For particularly heavy rectangular loads and uneven distributions, Genkinger will develop special solutions for you for loading, unloading, transporting, storing, as well as feeding within production.

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Relief at last

roll loads

Even though loads can roll, they are not easy to move. Especially if they are heavy and bulky. Rolling loads in categories up to 7,000 kg, up to 15,000 kg or up to 20,000 kg require different tractive forces. For trailers and rolling pallets, for example, it needs, among other things, specific hitching options and drawbar types.

We develop solutions adapted to your environment and your requirements - for more safety in the transport of rolling loads.

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  • Safe maneuvering of rolling loads even in wet areas, in danger zones or on small surfaces
  • Precise and at the same time powerful control of heavy rolling loads

We'll get to grips with that, too:

Round and heavy

Pipes, rolls, drums, coils have only one thing in common: they are round. Otherwise, the challenges of transporting round loads increase with, among other things, weight, diameter, length, material sensitivity and, if applicable, hazard class.

Genkinger develops vehicles for the demanding transport of round loads. Highly specialized in safe pick-up and precise delivery. With simultaneous flexibility for other transport tasks as well.

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  • Sensor controlled clamps
  • Camera based recording
  • Radio remote control

Our drive:

New mobility
of tools

In order to lift tools safely, transport them and position them precisely in the machine, different load centers, dimensions, docking situations, entry heights and maneuvering options must be taken into account depending on the tool (punch, casting, forging, mold). In addition, there are individual requirements for operation and the degree of automation.

Based on your specification, Genkinger configures mold changers for maximum efficient use on site.

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  • Handling of tools from 500 kg to over 80,000 kg
  • Mobile lifting tables, change carts, assembly aids
  • Mobile temporary storage of tools

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