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Thanks to our high vertical range of manufacture in special construction, we at Genkinger can implement almost all requirements for industrial trucks, also with regard to safety and ergonomics. And these are not all the highlights that we can offer our customers around the world in the field of intralogistics.


Safety and ergonomics

That's for sure:

All our industrial trucks meet at least the requirements of the currently applicable machinery directives and standards, among other things, in terms of safety and ergonomics. On a national and European level as well as worldwide.

Testing procedures and risk analyses by our internal quality management can go even further and are summarized in the technical documentation. A CE certificate is standard for all Genkinger industrial trucks.


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automatically reliable:

Automation in various expansion stages: from simple transport to goods-to-person principle to full automation. For some applications, Genkinger offers AGV solutions. Navigation, for example, is carried out with laser scanners and reflectors, track-guided or camera-guided. Controlled by fleet software, with connection to your merchandise management system.


Radio remote control

Good visibility at all times!

The radio remote control optimizes all-round visibility of the load and the industrial truck at close range, making maneuvering easier and faster. 

In tight or dangerous transport situations, the operator - from a safe distance - precisely steers the load to its desired position by radio.


Compact and maneuverable

For all cases in the area:

Our industrial trucks are compactly designed, yet robust and stable. For maneuvering in small areas, optionally with 4-way or multi-way chassis.

Compactness and maneuverability in intralogistics open up new paths and thus optimization potential in storage areas and in production.


100 years Genkinger

Always one stroke ahead:

Hermann Genkinger founded 1922 a workshop for the manufacture of jacks, among other things. Today, industrial trucks by Genkinger transport gigantic loads every day through production halls and warehouses all over the world.

Since 1955, one of Genkinger's main focuses has been on innovative transport solutions for the textile industry.


High vertical range of manufacture

As a result, everything looks quite easy:

Extraordinary lifting heights, extreme transport weights - this is where the expertise and experience of the Genkinger team are called upon, so that the result is that the internal transport of even demanding loads looks quite easy.

Thanks to our high depth of manufacturing, the design and layout of vehicles and equipment are based on your requirements. At the same time, we maintain control over the quality of our industrial trucks - right down to the last detail!