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Plant specific trolley

Charging trolleys from Genkinger are precisely matched in their design to the interior of the respective plant. From many projects with well-known manufacturers of industrial furnaces and production plants, Genkinger can draw on practical experience. In this way, we succeed in building plant-specific charging carriages that enable extremely precise charging of the plant with the charging material.

  • Additional safety due to lowering locks, stroke interruptions, positive guides
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting and lowering - accurate to the millimeter!
  • High lift truck, platform truck for charging goods up to 10,000 kg

We have a recipe for that:

Handling with
charging goods

The challenges in handling charged goods lie in many cases not so much in the particular charge material itself, but rather in the type of intended introduction as well as the batch size and complexity of the "recipe".

The specific design of, for example, your vessels, chambers, reactors, tanks, autoclaves or furnaces requires an equally high degree of specialization in the loading system. Genkinger develops a transport solution for charging goods that is tailored to your plant.

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  • Safe transport and plant-specific insertion
  • High lift truck for charging goods

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