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From cargo bikes to trucks:

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In small-batch assembly or also in the skilled trades, mobile assembly units offer flexible application options. In production, they are an alternative to rigid assembly lines. The decisive factors are always the load-bearing capacity and rotatability of the workpiece or assembly. Adapters on the assembly units enable a "flying change" of the mounting systems. 

Fixtures for load suspension and load securing are custom-made by Genkinger for a wide variety of assembly tasks, for example in mechanical engineering, vehicle construction or also in piano construction and bicycle workshops.

  • Handling of the assemblies by rotating device, hydraulically rotatable up to 360
  • Load pickup by lifting hydraulics or vacuum
  • Mounting under suspended load
  • Quick conversion of the mounting units with other mounting systems

More mobile assembly:

Pivot point
for assemblies

If the further assembly of assemblies or vehicles and machines is to be kept as flexible as possible, new transport solutions are needed within manufacturing as an alternative to rails and belts. As the size, weight and bulkiness of assemblies increase, so do the demands on transport. The pivotal point is also the device for safe pickup as well as precise feeding of the assemblies. 

Genkinger designs industrial trucks with a high level of vertical integration. This enables specific configuration, even for different transport tasks with a single vehicle.

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  • Simple and safe operation via radio remote control and safety interrogations
  • Flexible (rotary) fixtures with different adapters or vacuum grippers
  • Optimized for small batch assembly, vehicle manufacturing and mechanical engineering

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