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Electric transporter

The new performer:
Genkinger SHERPA

The new electric transporter from Genkinger transports small goods to every corner of a hall and to the top floors of buildings. Because with an overall width of 60 cm, the electric transporter fits into all freight elevators.

Go on an exciting expedition with us and discover new applications for your internal transport with Genkinger SHERPA.

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Piggyback small transports

Tight aisles and high levels of activity over a wide area - this is where the Genkinger SHERPA is just right in action and always welcome. The electric transporter brings tools right up to the front of machines and systems, relieves building management from the basement to the roof, and also completes courier runs between company buildings outdoors emission-free and quietly. The Genkinger SHERPA adapts to your requirements. It is available in the variants S, M, L, XL. It has a compact design, yet is extremely robust and stable.

  • Simply retrofit all standard options yourself
  • Flexible upsizing and downsizing between models S, M, L, XL
  • 2 weeks delivery time for all SHERPA models in the standard finish


Other requirement - same device

You can flexibly retrofit and expand your Genkinger SHERPA. For the switch to outdoor transport: Order the weather protection cover and install it according to instructions. Lighting systems are preconfigured so that they can be installed in a few simple steps. And the longer loading area is mounted with just a few screws.

New applications no longer require a new or additional vehicle. All SHERPA models are ready to be upgraded with all standard off-the-shelf options.

Genkinger Sherpa S-XL

As a tractor or transporter

Sherpa S

E-Tractor – small but powerful!

Model S
1.985 x 710 mm
Nominal tractive force
513 N
Cargo area
410 x 700 mm
100 kg
Towing capacity
up to 3.000 kg

Sherpa M

Transporter with cargo area for small goods

Model M
1.985 x 600 mm
Nominal tractive force
513 N
Cargo area
920 x 600 mm
up to 500 kg
Towing capacity
up to 800 kg (min 200 kg loading of the tractor)

Sherpa L

Transporter with growing cargo area

Model L
2.120 x 600 mm
Nominal tractive force
513 N
Cargo area
1.056 x 600 mm
up to 500 kg
Towing capacity
up to 800 kg (min 200 kg loading of the tractor)

Sherpa XL

Transporter with long cargo area

Model XL
2.255 x 600 mm
Nominal tractive force
513 N
Cargo area
1.190 x 600 mm
up to 500 kg
Towing capacity
up to 800 kg (min 200 kg loading of the tractor)
  • Driving speed

    12/14 km/h (with/without load)

  • Range

    up to 40 km per battery charge

  • Payload

    up to 500 kg

  • Towing capacity

    up to 3,000 kg with SHERPA S
    800 kg* with SHERPA M-XL

  • Gradeability

    7%/19% (with/without load)

* min. 200 kg loading of the tractor

  • Drive

    Three-phase (AC) 24 volt

  • Drive function

    Agas pedal

  • Brake system

    Countercurrent brake

  • Tires

    Super Elastic Tire

  • Operation

    CAN control panel, battery level indicator

  • Ergonomics

    Height adjustable and suspension saddle seat, tilt adjustable handlebar

  • Trailer hitch

    Model S standard

  • Painting

    RAL 2008 (light red orange), RAL 7021 (black gray)

  • Trailer hitch
    • Mouth coupling (25 mm, suspension height 270 mm) for SHERPA M-XL
    • Automatic coupling
    • 3-stage clutch
  • Attachments and extensions
    • 3-sided drop sides 200 mm high
    • Weather protection hood
    • Grid basket on the handlebar
    • And much more
  • Battery (24 V each)
    • Gel battery 160 Ah
    • Lithium-ion battery 100 Ah
    • Lead-acid battery 150 Ah
    • On board charger
  • Lighting
    • LED integrated in steering column
    • All-round beacon
    • Lighting according to current StVZO
  • Brake system
    • Drum brake at the rear on the drive wheels
    • Hydraulic disc brake front
  • Driver's seat
    • Industrial seat with backrest
  • Drive function
    • Rotatable throttle grip on the handlebar (right)
  • Safety system
    • Acoustic warning signal when reversing
    • Blue spot
    • LED strobe light
  • Special painting
    • 190 RAL colors - from green beige to distant blue to papyrus white


There is always something to transport

  • Maintenance: tools and spare parts
  • Storage: manual picking
  • Canteens: in-house catering, refrigerated case optional
  • Hotels, clinics: shelf trolleys e.g. with laundry, luggage
  • Building services: repairs, waste management
  • Administration: in-house mail, office supplies
  • Factory security: control drives over company premises

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New mobility for employees

The Genkinger SHERPA connects and integrates people. Long distances between buildings are no longer a hurdle or an excuse. All that is needed for the electric transporter is the age of majority and a short instruction session. Employees without a forklift driver's license or with physical limitations greatly appreciate the mobile independence on the plant premises. They save travel time and can also take the opportunity to transport equipment and materials

Tip: The use of a Genkiner SHERPA can be a way to (re)integrate employees with mobility limitations into the work process. Under certain conditions, the purchase of a Genkinger SHERPA to equip these workplaces is subsidized by the state.

The most important advantages at a glance

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