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Intelligent intralogistics today:

Automatically more efficient and safer

Whether full automation or partial automation - at the beginning of every project there is a detailed analysis of the requirements and possibilities on site. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are suitable for transporting some loads; accordingly, customer-specific logistics solutions can also be presented as AGVs. Even at a later date.

Automated Guided Vehicles offer advantages in two respects: optimization of your intralogistic processes with increased safety for people, loads and machines.

  • Personal protection scanners and safety sensor technology
  • Navigation by laser, natural navigation or wire control
  • Control via barcodes, QR codes, RFID transponders
  • Compatible with any enterprise resource planning system
  • Exact travel paths without paved guidance systems

Move pallets wisely

When the standard
comes up against limits

Pallets and especially the Euro pallets make the transfer and storage of goods easy, since they have the advantage, among other things, that they can be picked up with pallet trucks or forklifts from all four sides. The challenges are also not in the standard situations when manipulating pallets.

Special pallets, heavy loads or top-heavy pallets, slopes during loading and unloading, storing pallets lengthwise are just a few examples of situations in which lift trucks and stackers can reach their limits in the standard version. It is precisely for these cases that Genkinger offers transport solutions for pallets in various configurations.

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  • Euro pallets, one-way pallets, special pallets
  • Store and retrieve pallets, transport, hand over

Standards are the way to go

Move at the first go

Rectangular loads such as small load carriers (KLT) or skeleton containers are standardized systems. The fact that they can be stacked on top of each other and/or grouped together next to each other (e.g. on Euro pallets) means that a larger number of the rectangular loads can be transported at the drop of a hat as well as stored in a space-saving manner.

In principle, picking up by forklift or pallet truck is simple. Smaller units are picked up on pallets. Larger boxes, bins or containers have feet that can be driven under from all four sides. 

For particularly heavy rectangular loads and uneven distributions, Genkinger will develop special solutions for you for loading, unloading, transporting, storing, as well as feeding within production.

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