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Special from the ground up

Industrial trucks
in special construction

Industrial trucks <br>in special construction

We start by thinking about every project from scratch. Of course, this is also because we in Swabia like to tinker. But above all, because with our special-purpose industrial trucks, we aim to provide our customers with innovative and at the same time robust solutions. And we have been doing so for 100 years, now worldwide.

Industrial trucks <br>in special construction

Do you build it all yourselves?

Yes, we design and
build almost everything ourselves.

Many world firsts are patented and manufactured in Münsingen "by Genkinger". For the textile industry, for example, for which we developed the first warp beam lift truck in 1955. Our innovative strength always comes into play when heavy and difficult things need to be moved easily and, above all, safely.

Facts about Genkinger

  • Headquarters with production

    Münsingen, Germany (Baden-Württemberg)

  • Founded

    1922 by Hermann Genkinger

  • Employees

    approx 150

  • Product range
    • Storage technology for industry and trade
    • Lifting and transport equipment for the textile industry
    • Special solutions, lifting masts
    • Driverless transport systems
    • Special applications such as Bike Systems

Heavier, higher, safer

Specialists for superlatives

  • Maximum lifting heights (up to 5,000 mm)
  • Heaviest transport weights (up to 30,000 kg)
  • Extreme tensile loads (up to 70,000 kg)
  • State-of-the-art safety standards

    (at least all machine guidelines and standards)

Our concept for success

We remain true to ourselves.

Vertical range of manufacture

Thanks to the high vertical range of manufacture, we can meet almost all customer requirements and retain control over every weld and every cable.

Safety and ergonomics

All our industrial trucks meet at least the requirements of the currently applicable machinery directives and standards with regard to safety and ergonomics, among other things. At national and European level as well as worldwide.