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Efficient tool change: How ebm-papst gains time and safety with customized solutions from Genkinger.

Four Genkinger tool changing trolleys are in use at ebm-papst, the world market leader for fans, in Mulfingen, near Schwäbisch Hall. The special devices transport hot tools weighing up to 700 kg from the warehouse via a preheating installation to the production press.

Thanks to the industrial truck and other measures, ebm-papst has changed the transport process from the ground up, saving 1.5 hours per setup process. What's more, tools can now be changed by one person instead of two - and more safely than ever before.

The solution was found by answering the following questions:

  • What features must a new, customized tool change trolley have to ensure a smoother process flow?
  • How can we minimize the friction surfaces in the heavy-duty rack?
  • How do we need to make structural changes to the cabinet rack with the preheating station?
  • How do we get the hot tools out of the rack without the operators touching them?

The answers ultimately led to a sustainable overall solution. At ebm-papst, it is part of the corporate culture that all those involved contribute to a solution, "because this not only ensures that the solution works from the outset, but also that it is accepted," explains project engineer Dietmar Zink. "Our aim was to achieve the optimum, and we achieved that in this way."

In retrospect, ebm-papst can see confirmation that the thorough preliminary work has resulted in a sustainable, future-proof solution. "The tool changing trolley from Genkinger is an important part of this solution", says Arthur Schwarz, responsible for development and processes at ebm-papst.

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