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Sometimes it has to be a pedestrian vehicle

For example, for DEUTZ engines: An electric high-lift truck from Genkinger transports DEUTZ engines from the apron conveyor to the assembly island and from there to the lifting and lowering system of the paint shop. The weights vary between 280 kg and the 1,600 kg of the traditional air-cooled DEUTZ 12 cylinder. Annually, thousands of DEUTZ engines are overhauled at the site in Ulm, each within a few working days.

The custom-made high-lift truck replaced a large standard forklift with an overhanging crossbeam. Advantages: More space and safety in narrow tramlines.With dimensions of 1,000 mm wide x 1,800 mm long x up to 3,000 mm high when the mast is extended, the required compactness was achieved. With only 600 mm, Genkinger was able to keep the projection of the crane hook crossbeam small. And not only that: The service effort was also reduced.

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