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Super X-ray laser with 27,012 flashes

He accelerates electrons in kilometer-long, underground tunnel tubes almost to the speed of light. This produces 27,000 flashes of light per second! Chemists, physicists, and biologists benefit from the results of the highly complex European XFEL/DESY facility in Hamburg and the surrounding area, and solely the entire world. For with this and similar technologies, viruses are recorded in minute detail, atoms are filmed in slow motion and future-proof nanomaterials are tested.

Since the start of construction, the plant has used ground conveyors from Genkinger, all of which had to be built particularly compact and adapted to the environment because of the tight spaces. Among others, these were:

  • a crane vehicle to be able to be brought down into the tunnel by elevator and to lay 1.5 t floor slabs.
  • A multi-way platform truck with lift-push-turn unit to install concrete slabs as radiation shields in the tunnel.
  • Another multi-way platform car for special magnets and klystrons weighing several tons, instruments for the generation and amplification of microwaves.

Before 27,000 flashes of light per second could shine brightly, Genkinger has at least some "flashes of inspiration" in the form of 12 floor trucks to contribute to the construction of the super X-ray laser.

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