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UAE cable reel transports must never run hot

The company Ducab producesinfrastructure cables in the United Arab Emirates, one of the richest and hottest countries in the world.

Drums with the coiled cables weigh 25 tons.Two Genkingen heavy-duty low-lift trucks transport the cables from production to the test center and shipping. The radio remote operator always has the best view of the drums and possible obstacles. By switching from counterbalanced forklifts to pallet trucks, Ducab saves a lot of space; because no counterweight is needed. In addition, the acquisition and operating costs have decreased.

So far, so (almost) easy - if it weren't for the extreme temperature spikes in the Arab country. 50 degrees Celsius and up to 90 percent humidity meant an equally extreme challenge for Genkinger. It was overcome with powerful fans, dust filters and generous reserves at maximum power. In addition, a temperature management throttles the speeds of the vehicles automatically before the temperatures enter a red zone and the truck runs hot.

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